Recall opponents

Democrats and progressives are united in opposition to the Republican recall.

Our broad coalition of endorsers is committed to fighting back against the anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, assorted conspiracy theorists, and hard-core, anti-immigrant Trump supporters who want to overturn Governor Newsom’s election and stop California’s progress in combating COVID-19.

  1. President Joe Biden

  2. Vice President Kamala Harris

  3. Sen. Alex Padilla

    Sen. Alex Padilla (CA)
  4. Sen. Bernie Sanders

    Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT)
  5. Sen. Elizabeth Warren

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)
  6. Sen. Cory Booker

    Sen. Cory Booker (NJ)
  7. Stacey Abrams

    Stacey Abrams
  8. Rep. Katie Porter

    Rep. Katie Porter (CA)
  9. Rep. Ro Khanna

    Rep. Ro Khanna (CA)

Hear from a few of our endorsers why they are against the Republican recall in California:

President Joe Biden: “Governor Gavin Newsom is leading California through unprecedented crises—he’s a key partner in fighting the pandemic and helping build our economy back better. To keep him on the job, registered voters should vote no on the recall election by 9/14 and keep California moving forward.”

Stacey Abrams: “Governor Newsom has courageously led California through a global pandemic — putting health, science and equity at the center of the state’s response. Republicans fought him every step of the way. Now, they are trying to overturn his election. Californians must stop the Republican recall.”

Senator Alex Padilla: “As California has faced a series of unprecedented crises, Governor Newsom has led boldly. While Donald Trump chose chaos and conspiracy theories over science and COVID response, Gavin Newsom worked to ensure the safety and welfare of every community, especially those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The same Republicans who refused to hold Donald Trump accountable for the deadly insurrection of January 6th are now trying to hold Governor Newsom accountable for the failures of Donald Trump. The recall effort is partisan, reckless, dangerous, and will only serve to distract from the critical work of seeing our state through the pandemic and into economic recovery.”

Senator Bernie Sanders: “Right-wing Republicans in CA are trying to recall Gavin Newsom for the crime of telling people to wear masks and for listening to scientists during COVID. Extremist Republicans have done enough to undermine democracy already. We must all unite to oppose the recall in California.”

Senator Cory Booker: “Gavin Newsom has shown the nation what courageous leadership looks like during the pandemic. He’s made tough calls that kept Californians safe and helped them recover financially. Defeating this cynical, Trump-fueled recall effort will be one of the most important priorities for Democrats this year.”

Rep. Katie Porter: “From the start of the pandemic, Gavin Newsom has taken swift action to keep families safe and help them recover financially. That’s what makes this Republican recall so dangerous. It’s not just a waste of time and money that could be used to fight COVID-19 — a successful recall risks slowing down our state’s efforts to end the pandemic as quickly as possible.”

Rep. Ro Khanna: “This will be one of the most important races for Democrats this year. Having served California and the Democratic Party for decades with a commitment to Democratic values, Gavin Newsom is facing a pro-Trump, Republican recall. They are using a backdoor to sneak through their agenda. Democrats and Progressives must be united to stop it.”

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison: “Democrats in California and across the country are united against this partisan Republican recall. As governor, Gavin Newsom fights for Californians every single day. California families know who’s in their corner, working to keep them safe during a global pandemic and ensuring they are getting on the road to recovery. While Governor Newsom has time and time again demonstrated the smart, capable, and focused leadership necessary to steer his state through unprecedented crises, Republicans have demonstrated that they are only focused on playing dangerous games to disrupt the critical work of the governor, and leaving taxpayers on the hook for this wasteful effort.”